Navigating the Site

Even at the time of its launch this site will be home to literally hundreds of images of stained glass. Some are of entire windows, some single panels and others just the tiniest details or abstract shapes. We also plan to add new examples to the collection over time.

The majority of the images upon which this site is based are to be found in the several sections which can either be accessed by clicking on the button marked "Click here to go direct to Designers Galleries" or by simply scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the home page.

There you will find the work organised in two ways. Firstly some of the images have been incorporated into folders according to the studio which made the windows. The most popular of these have proven to be the William Morris and the Tiffany sections. Regarding the 'unknown' section I should point out that the term actually means unknown to me in that for one reason or another I have been unable to determine the identity of the maker.

The second, and larger, grouping of work is to be found in the section called "Buildings" which contains images in folders according to their location. At time of writing there are 12 such folders and these contain several hundred pictures. Many of the works are by Tiffany Studios and there are also quite a number by Henry Holiday and Morris as well as works by many other studios. I strongly recommend a visit to these folders which contain some exquisite examples of really fine stained glass.

In all cases clicking on one of the smaller images or 'thumbnails' as they are usually described will call up a larger version of that image. In the case of the folders which are by location most, if not all, have navigation buttons to enable you to go from one image to the next and back to the index page.

We have tried to make the site as user-friendly and fast-loading as we could though it must be appreciated that image files do contain a lot of data and if you have an especially slow modem connection or limited processing power and/or memory then you may need to be patient. However, if you like stained glass art we believe that your patience will be rewarded.