The Stained Glass Museum

What appears to have potential to be an excellent resource by the Stained Glass Museum at Ely in the UK. At time of writing they appear to be only covering their own collection but perhaps, in time, they will broaden the reach of their coverage by photographic means as opposed to solely by acquisition.

All Planet Studios

Gabreal Franklin is a much-travelled and highly accomplished film and media producer who in a former life not only acquired a collection of fine examples of stained glass, including works by Tiffany, Morris and Kempe, but also amassed a huge collection of photographs which he himself took of works all across Europe. Until very recently both the actual windows that he owns and the collection of photographs have been in storage but he has begun to set events in motion which will make them accessible to a wider audience. This link will take you to some web pages which he created which describe the collection.

Dr Michelli's elegant, authoritative and informative site which combines art history with a history of stained glass. Well worth a visit.

A very nice website which contains a lot of information, illustrations and links to other work on 19th and early 20th century schools of art. Excellentresource for Pre-Raphaelite school work and references.

A hugely informative site for anyone who is interested in Cumbria and the English Lake District compiled as a 'labour of love' by Julian Thurgood. Amongst other things the site contains very useful information about many churches in Cumbria as well as containing brief biographical information on Morris, Burne-Jones, Philip Webb, Henry Holiday and others and is richly-illustrated throughout.

Some web-pages containing coverage of an exhibition in New York in 1998/99 which includes the photographic illustrations.

Official website of The Church of the Incarnation on Madison Avenue in New York. Features a virtual tour of the building.

The website of the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow.

The official website of the US branch of the William Morris Society. Very good source for links to otherMorris-related sites.

An absolute goldmine of useful stuff for photographers. In my opinion this has been one of the best free resources on the internet. Most of my early stained glass pictures first saw the light of day on

Photos By
P. Neil Ralley

This is a link to some work which includes pictures we have not yet had the opportunity to upload to the site. Each of the subject folders contains thumbnails and by clicking on them a 'medium size' version can be loaded and then from that screen there is an option to load a 'large' version. There is some duplication with pictures on this site but at least 80 of the pictures on have not yet been posted here.

Arthur Rope's excellent catalogue and history of Margaret Agnes and Margaret Edith Rope which is richly illustrated with many pictures of their work.

Frank Greenagel's excellent resource which contains an extensive and growing database of 18th and 19th century places of worship throughout New Jersey.

To quote their own words: "The mission of the Charles J. Connick Stained Glass Foundation, Ltd. is to promote the true
understanding of the glorious medium of color and light and to preserve and perpetuate the Connick tradition of stained glass."


Google is our favourite search engine which, at time of writing, still produces results which have integrity where rankings are determined by relevance and top positions are not bought and sold.

The definitive and most effective guide to museum-quality fine art on the Internet.

A site containing material provided by the Hibbert Trust on topics for school assemblies and Personal, Social and Religious Education which includes a section on stained glass

Website of the Ecclesiological Society which was founded in 1879 - For those who love churches.

Artists in Stained Glass (AISG) is a non-profit association of artists, craftspersons, architects, and others, who are interested in the development and promotion of stained glass as a contemporary art form. Members can be anyone interested in art or stained glass

Glassline, a magazine which has a comprehensive links section appertaining to several aspects of glassworking.

Stained Glass News

UK Stained Glass News and the Stained Glass Register.


Metropolitan Museum

The Metropolitan Museum is rich in information and illustrations of Tiffany works as well as other fine stained glass.

The Cloisters

The Cloisters focuses on the art and architecture of medieval Europe.

Religious Resources

Susan Brumbaugh's excellent directory of religious resources with links to almost 5000 websites all neatly categorised for ease of use.

This is a wonderful article which extols the virtues of creating a good photographic record of stained glass. However, one cannot help but feel that in a great many cases the task requires a little more than ", a good film, steady hands and a strong step ladder" Frankly the idea of clerics trying to balance themselves atop tall step ladders while attempting to hold the camera steady for what may need to be several seconds is troubling to say the very least.

Link to Tony Howell Photography

Tony Howell is a highly accomplished UK photographer. He describes his work as 'The Art of Landscape and Flower Photography" but his website has a section entitled 'Sacred Art' which includes some very fine images of stained glass details and statuary. Overall a beautiful website packed with stunning work.

ArtQuest Link

An art listing service connecting buyers and sellers of art by email. Special features include thousands of art works for sale, a Portrait Art GiveAway, Links Library, Bulletin Board and many free services. You'll see art listed by artists, galleries and dealers as well as those collectors who are looking to buy and sell paintings, sculpture, prints and more.


John MacPherson's website has nothing whatever to do with stained glass but John is a great photographer with a true appreciation of light and how to use and portray it. If you are at all interested in Scotland and if you appreciate beautiful photography then this site is well worth a visit.

Stained Glass Art

Rona Moody not only designs and makes stained glass windows but she has also begun the huge task of putting together an online catalogue of the stained glass of her native Scotland. The Scottish pages can be accessed via the links section on Rona's home page.


A lengthy and well-written article about the relationship and rivalry between Tiffany and La Farge. It is also illustrated.


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The Victorian Web

George Landow, an eminent historian and scholar, has added some of our work to sections of the Victorian Web which is a tremendous source of information about Victorian art, literature, history and culture.

Stained Glass.Info

An industry-wide directory covering the whole gamut from manufacturers, dealers and distributors to artists, associations and links to sites featuring historical windows.

Stained Glass Windows 0f Jersey City

An attractive site by Jersey City Landmarks Preservation. Lists most, if not all, prominent windows in Jersey City and is richly and well-illustrated.

St. James Windows

St James's Episcopal church windows in Cambridge, Mass. Good assortment of windows, mostly 20thC. Includes a Light of the World window said to be by La Farge dating from 1900.

St. Johns Episcopal Church

St John's Episcopal Church in Stamford, CT - a significant repository of much fine glass. Good illustrations of works by Powell, Kempe, Clayton and Bell and Hardman as well as American makers including Tiffany and Willet.

Suffolk Churches

Simon Knott's superb website which, together with its sister-site Norfolk churches, provides an important permanent online archive of descriptive commentary and images of the churches in East Anglia. This is the internet at its best.

First Presbyterian Church, Germantown, PA

Splendid windows by Tiffany, D'Ascenzo, and Willet. A very nice virtual tour.

Marc Chagall windows at Tudeley in England

All Saints, Tudeley is unique in having all twelve of its windows filled with colourful stained glass by the celebrated Russian emigré artist Marc Chagall. The windows at Tudeley are a memorial tribute to Sarah d'Avigdor-Goldsmid, the daughter of Sir Henry and Lady d'Avigdor-Goldsmid, who died in a sailing accident in 1963 at the tragically young age of 21.

Trinity Episcopal Church

A mixed assortment of glass. Their collection includes a 1902 Tiffany window said to have been a fine example of the use of the multiplate technique which in this case entailed laminating 3 layers of glass together. Unfortunately the illustration of this particular window is not the clearest.

Christ Episcopal Church

Christ Episcopal Church in West Virginia. Includes a description of the 'Munich style'.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Some contemporary windows by Willet Studios.

All Saints Episcopal Church

Features the 12 windows in the nave of All Saints' Church in Atlanta which are said to include 7 by Tiffany Studios.

All Saints Parish

Features the windows of All Saints Parish church in Brookline Mas, including some early work by Connick.

Biblical Art

A truly 'magnus opus' by Rolf Erling Staerk, a Norwegian who is building a global database of Biblical Art on the internet which can be searched by any of several different means. If you are trying to track down different versions of the same theme or an illustration of a particular quotation this is a good place to start.

Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibition

A beautiful website based around an exhibition of Frank Lloyd Wright's work which was mounted in several venues from 2001 to 2003. Wright had a totally different concept of stained glass from that of his contemporaries, Louis Comfort Tiffany and John La Farge, but his output of designs was equally prolific. Unfortunately I have no photographs of actual Wright windows on the website although the Glassmasters reproductions of some of his works are well worth looking at.

The Joy of shards mosaics resource

Features a wealth of information, links and photographs relating to mosaics, some of which include coloured glass. A very interesting site which is well worth a visit.

Links to Art at Fine Art of America

This link is to some interesting art on the FAA website together with the means of purchasings various types of prints, canvases and cards.

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