What we have tried to do here is to establish a place online where people from all over the world can have free and unrestricted access to some examples of beautiful stained glass and in this we have made great progress. In a little over three years the site has been visited over a million times by about 300,000 unique users from over 120 different countries around the world. Many of our visitors only viewed the home page and a lot only visited once but at least 75,000 visitors have made return visits and many of those keep on returning.

As I mentioned elsewhere, this website is a journey and not a destination and there remains huge potential to enhance and enlarge this site but in order to realise some of that potential we need your help.

So, how can you help? Well, in one or more of several ways:-

1) Buying gift items from the site is a great way to help. Not only do you help us out with much-needed revenue but you also get something of value in return. The most popular choice is our Frameable Art Cards which can be given as just cards, packaged as gifts or kept and framed. Another group of items which is proving to be popular is the range which we have begun to create on CafePress which includes gifts, cards and ornaments. Our CD-ROM, "Angels in Glass", is another excellent choice either as a gift or to keep.

2) If you would like to earn Amazon commissions for us but think you might forget to go there from here every time then think about downloading the award-winning Alexa Toolbar. The toolbar is a neat gadget anyway which does a number of things including stopping those pesky pop-ups. What is most important about it though is that it gives you some quick links - one is to this site and another is to Amazon. Each time you use the Amazon link on the toolbar you are logged onto Amazon as though you had originated from our site. If you would like to install the toolbar then just clickhere

3) Even if you have no money or do not buy online you could help in a small way by sending one of our new FREE E-Blessings . The company which provides the service does so on the basis of advertising revenue for the advertisements which go with the cards. When the volume of cards sent reaches a certain level then they pay us some of that advertising revenue. The numbers are not great but every little helps.

4) Last but by no means least you could send us a donation. Since the internet bubble burst a few years ago many sites which provide content began charging fees and subscriptions for access. We have so far resisted this in the firm belief that as many people as possible should have free and unrestricted access to this art. We especially want to keep the doors open wide for our young visitors, students, members of religious orders and the clergy as well as many others including people from poorer countries around the world. So, to those who can afford it, we ask that you make a donation. We do not specify a particular amount and it can be made securely via PayPal in one of a number of ways and several different currencies.